M18, 2m Reflex, DC Teach-in, Polarised

M18, 2m Reflex, DC Teach-in, Polarised Description

Two M18 industry standard metal bodied DC sensors, featuring teach-in sensitivity adjustment, in the diffuse & reflex models. Teach-in allows the sensor to be calibrated by a single press of a button, reducing installation time, compared to models with potentiometer adjustment. Both sensors have a PNP output which may be programmed to N/O or N/C and the free line can serve as a contamination output line which may be used to indicate when the lens needs cleaning. The reflex model has a Polarising filter for reliable detection of clear & shiny objects and red light output for ease of alignment/set-up. Protected to IP67 for harsh conditions & aggressive cleaning.

Thread size              M18
Nominal sensing range    400mm Diffuse, 2m Reflex
Supply voltage           10-30 volt DC
Rated output current     200 mA
Temperature              -15°C to + 55°C
Frequency                500 Hz
Sensitivity adjustment   Teach-in
Built in LEDs            Yes (yellow/function, green/contamination)
IP Rating                IP67
Body material            Nickel plated brass
Connection type (both)   M12 connector, 4 wire type
                         (brown/+ve, black/NO or NC output
                         white/NO contamination output, blue/-ve)

Reflex sensors must be used with suitable reflectors.
NPN versions can be supplied upon request.
Mounting clamps, please order separately.
M18, 2m Reflex, DC Teach-in, Polarised
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REFLEX 2668376 BOS18MPU1QBS4C PNP NO/NC1 Price on Application