R10 Series 3A & 5A, 4PCO

R10 Series 3A & 5A, 4PCO Description

A miniature plug-in cradle 4PCO relay with a switching capacity of 5A at 155Vac. Available with fine silver contacts (R10E1Y4V700) for low load switching to 100mA (min). Enclosed in a clear dust cover Earthing/mounting stud on terminal base.

Contact arrangement         Four pole changeover
Contact material            Silver cadmium oxide (R10E1X4V700)
                            Fine silver (R10E1Y4V700)
Contact rating              5A at 155Vac/28Vdc (R10E1X4V700)
                            3A at 155Vac/28Vdc (R10E1Y4V700)
Operate / release time      20ms / 10ms
Nominal coil power          2.2 W
Coil resistance             700 ohm
Mechanical switching life   1.5 x 106
Dielectric strength         1kV ac (coil-contact)
Temperature                 -55°C to +75°C
Terminals                   2mm solder/plug in, with earthing stud
Approvals                   UL, CSA
R10 Series 3A & 5A, 4PCO
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Stock Price
4952223 R10E1X4V700 4PCO-24VDC2 21.35
4952253 R10E1Y4V700 4PCO-24VDC27 23.46

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