Hole Mounted Switch Roller Plunger

Hole Mounted Switch Roller Plunger Description

A precision movement detector with a single pole changeover contact in a M16 threaded barrel sealed to IP56. Featuring a roller plunger actuator and supplied pre-wired with 1M PVC cable.

Actuator                Roller plunger with M16 threaded barrel
Contact arrangement     Single pole changeover
Electrical rating       5 Amp at 250 VAC
Operating force min.    15 N
Operating travel min.   2 mm
Total travel            6 mm
Thermal current         12 Amp
IP Rating               IP 56
Temperature             -5°C to +70°C
Housing                 Steel
Connections             Pre-wired 3 core, 1M cable, ext. Ø 7.6mm
                        black/common, brown/NC, blue/NO
Mechanical operations   106<\sup>
Approvals               CSA A300
Longer cable lengths can be supplied
Hole Mounted Switch Roller Plunger
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