ES-1000 series

ES-1000 series Description

A modern range of explosion proof magnetic switches carrying a wide range of approvals Atex, Inmetro ,Gost ,IECEx* manufactured in 316 Grade Stainless steel or Brass. This range Features a threaded PG9 conduit entry. Longvale Euroswitch Brand UK Distributor

Note IECEx approved versions are supplied with a different part no please consult sales for correct order code. No

Dimensions  80x20x25mm
Material    316 stainless Steel or Brass
Contact     Rhodium standard, Tungsten is available 
Connection  PVC or Polyrad cable 2M with PG9 threaded entry  
Rating      SPCO 2.5A 24Vdc 540mA 110Vac 250mA 230Vac max 400Vac/dc
            DPCO 2.5A 24Vdc 540mA 110Vac 250mA 230Vac max 400vdc/ac
            NO   3A 24vdc 540mA 110Vac Max 110Vdc           
            SPCO latching 2.5A 24Vdc 500mA 110Vac 250mA 230Vac

Temperature -60 to +120C Polyrad cable
            -20 to +70C PVC Atex Versions
            -20 to +80C PVC Brass industrial spec
IP Rating   IP68 & IP66
Approvals   Explosion proof switches carry
            ATEX ExdIICT6 Gb
            INMETRO ExdIICT6 
            GOST-R Ex
            TR CU  
            IECEx* different part no required.
            Industrial Grade switches Not applicable  
* click on image for enlarged view
Name Stock No Manf Ref Housing Connection Contacts Type Stock Price
1851007 ES-1322 Stainless SteelPolyrad 2MRhodium SPCO Atex Exd7 221.00

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