WM1-EX zone 0 Explosion proof switch

WM1-EX zone 0 Explosion proof switch Description

Explosion proof Non contact magnetic safety switch, made for 316 Grade stainless steel. These swithes are supplied with a stainless steel conduit,allowing use to zone 0. Atex,IEC,IECEx,EX EX II 2G Ex ma IIC T6 Ga Ex II Ex ma IIIC T80 Da IP67 Zones 0,20,1,21,2,22 Gas and Dust These safety types are internally fused to ensure the reed contacts cannot be overloaded to the point of welding shut. N/C Contacts are rated at 0.6A 230Vac/24Vdc,N/o contact rated at 0.2A 230Vac /24Vdc

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Name Stock No Manf Ref Contacts Connection Stock Price
6152037 WM1-EX(9001001) 2NC+1NOCable 5M PVC0 334.11