Palm/kickswitch Description

These non-illuminated, palm / foot push button switch control stations are supplied with a large domed head for easy activation. Offered in a choice of Red, Black or Green domed head all options are pre-fitted with 2 contact blocks (1x N/O + 1x N/C). The enclosure is manufactured from Flame retardant ABS and feature 2x M20 threaded knockouts suitable for gland or conduit fittings and the 4mm thick side walls gives it a similar strength to die-cast products. Typical applications would be on Compressors, Process Machinery, automatic doors & Barriers & Stand alone Machinery.

Contacts   1N/O and 1N/C 3A at 230 Vac
Dimensions deep box 85mM square, max height to to top o switch 102.5mm        shallow box H80mmxW73mmxH53mm
Material   ABS UL94-HB or Polycarbonate UL94-VO
Sealing    IP66
Knockouts  2x M20 threaded 
           1xM20 non threaded knockout

optional snap on din rail or surface mount brackets.
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Colour Stock Price
9731028 1DE.SP.01.NR Red Button0 31.61
9731031 1DE.SP.01.NB Black Button0 31.61
9731034 1DE.SP.01.NG Green Button0 28.99