Pressure sensitive Safety Mats

Pressure sensitive Safety Mats Description

The Guardmaster Matguard consists of a series of interconnecting pressure sensitive mats and a selection of control units designed to protect personnel by sensing their presence in hazardous areas. The circuit through the mat is monitored by a separate Matguard controller or safety relay which will shut the machine down when the mat is activated. Mats are available in a wide range of standard sizes and can be assembled, with perimeter and uniting trim, to cover different layout sizes up to 100m? The heavy duty ribbed vinyl construction with different "grip" patterns on each side, is completely sealed to IP67 so water, liquids and coolants present no problem. In addition the tough vinyl will resist bleaches, acids, salts and all but the most aggressive of industrial chemicals.

Typical installation would consist of perimeter trim, corner unit, uniting trim to join adjacent mats and a controller.Please contact sales with your requirements and we can provide a list of parts.

Mat operating voltage    24V dc
Minimum weight           35Kg (assured detection)
Maximum detection zone   100 m≈
IP Rating                IP67
Mat material             Vinyl
Nominal sizes            750x1500, 1000x1000, 1000x1500 mm
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Stock Price
5105637 440F-M1530BYNN 750x1500MM0 520.00
5105640 440F-M2020BYNN 1000x1000MM0 492.00
5105643 440F-M2030BYNN 1000x1500MM0 604.00
5105649 440F-T3012 EXT.CORN TRIM0 35.80
5105652 440F-T3013 INT.CORN TRIM0 34.00
5105655 440F-T3320 UNITING TRIM0 108.00
5106976 440F-T3210 Perimeter trim 2M0 39.91