High current Connectors

High current Connectors Description

A range of high current 2 pole connectors typically used in battery powered applications.Connectors have universal design allowing them to be male or female simply by inserting the contact terminals. Order connector and terminals separately.KST brand.

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Name Stock No Manf Ref Colour Stock Price
Battery connector 50A series 2701001 BMC2S-RED Red46 1.00
2 pole red
Battery connector 50A series 2701013 BMC2S-GREY Grey1675 1.00
2 pole grey
Battery connector 50A series 2701002 BMC2S-BLACK Black189 1.00
2 pole black
Contact for 50A series 2701004 BMC5AG-RD -3939 0.65
12-10 AWG contact 3to6mm squared wire size, 35A rating
Contact for 50A series 2701016 BMC8AG-RD -252 0.86
8 AWG contact 10mm squared wire size, 45A rating
Contact for 50A series 2701019 BMC14AG-RD -0 0.76
6 AWG contact 16mm squared wire size, 50A rating
Battery connector 175A series 2701007 BMC2M-RED Red41 2.50
Battery connector 175A series 2701022 BMC2M-GREY Grey68 2.50
Contact 175A series 2701010 1383BK(BMC38AG-RD) -57 1.00
2 AWG 35mm squared wire size 175A