Intrinsically Safe Proximity Switch

Intrinsically Safe Proximity Switch Description

The Sigma Controls Maglock MPS44 is Intrinsically safe (Eex)Magnetic reed switch, which has a magnetically actuated single pole changeover contact. Available in a stainless steel housing with rhodium contacts. Equipped with an external threaded gland to accept conduit protection.

Contact arrangement   1 changeover
Contact material      Rhodium
Max. volts            250 volts DC, 150 volts AC
Max. current          0.5 Amp AC/DC, resistive
Housing               Stainless steel
Fixings               2 x M3
IP Rating             IP 68
Temperature           -20°C to +40°C
Connection type       Pre-wired Polyolefin 3 core braided, 3M
                      N/O-red, N/C-black, common-white
Certification         EExia IIC T6
Operating distance    Magnet A2 = 6mm, A3 = 19mm, A4 = 47mm

Please order magnets separately.
Intrinsically Safe Proximity Switch
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Stock Price
Intrinscially Safe Magnetic Switch 1912464 443SM-565253 MPS44 S/S7 272.00

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