Explosion Proof Switch Maglock MPS34D/DH

Explosion Proof Switch Maglock MPS34D/DH Description

An explosion proof magnetically actuated reed switch with one changeover contact. Available in a stainless steel housing with Tungsten or Rhodium contacts. Baseefa 02ATEX 0183X.Please note the atex certificate has expired, not suitable for new applications Branding: Herbert Controls and Instrument Maglock MPS34D. Sigma Controls Maglock MPS34D Wigan. Allen Bradley Maglock MPS34D/DH. 443S-566101 Rockwell Automation Wigan GBR.

Contact arrangement  1 changeover
Contact material     Tungsten or Rhodium
Max. volts           250 Volts AC/DC
Max. current         Tung 1.5A, Rhod 0.5A AC/DC
Switching Power      Tung 40W/VA max, 3W/VA min,
                     Rhod 15W/VA max
Housing              Stainless Steel*
Fixings              2 x M3
IP Rating            IP 68
Temperature          -40°C to +60°C
Connection type      Pre-wired Polyolefin 3 core braided, 3M
                     N/O-red, N/C-black, common-white
Certification        EExd IIC T6 (Ta = -40+60°C)
Operating distance   Magnet A2 = 3mm, A3 = 16mm, A4 = 44mm

Please order magnets separately.

*The grade of Stainless Steel used in these switch housings 
is Stainless Steel BS 304S15, also known as EN 1.4301 and SAE 304.
Explosion Proof Switch Maglock MPS34D/DH
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Stock Price
1912557 443SM-566101 MPS34D/DH S/S TUNG0 295.00*
Unit Price: 5 - 9 = 286.15, 10 - 24 = 277.30, 25+ = 274.36
1912575 443SM-566111 MPS34D/DH S/S RHOD1 286.00*
Unit Price: 5 - 9 = 277.42, 10 - 24 = 268.84, 25+ = 265.98

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