Dual Key Bolt Interlock

Dual Key Bolt Interlock Description

A dual key bolt interlock in a key exchange version, used as part of an interlocking system or to lock on or off electrical equipment e.g. high voltage compartments etc.
The key trapping is divided into 3 categories depending on how the keys can be removed.
Main group picture of single access bolt and dual bolt primary B secondary C full body access .
For full body access example MDBLE14-AB shown in lower picture, the primary key A , taken from the machine isolator (MRPSE11-0A) is inserted into the lock. The secondary key B may then be removed to unlock the door and the maintenance technician keeps the B key in his pocket to prevent a restart of the machine and to prevent him being locked in the area.
For lower risk partial body access situations such as a small hatch into a machine where the technician cannot be trapped inside an area, the 440T-MDSLE10-?? could be used. In this situation the secondary key is not removable once the primary key is in place.
Featuring all stainless steel interlocking and coded parts, including coded barrel & internal components. Other key code options can be supplied upon request.

Bolt projection     0mm (retracted), 14mm (projected)
Bolt diameter       15mm
Material            Stainless steel
Dust cap            Stainless steel, weather proof
Fixings             4 x M5 (top), 4 x M6 underneath
Other options of bolt projection available
Supplied with one trapped primary key, included in price
Please order secondary key separately.
Dual Key Bolt Interlock
Dual Key Bolt Interlock
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Stock Price
Both keys trapped( not included) 1912815 440T-MDBLE10-AB (A) IN (B) trapped0 351.00
B Key Removable(included) 1912229 440T-MDBLE14-AB (A) IN (B) Removable0 351.00

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