Series 31 Bistable Contactors

Series 31 Bistable Contactors Description

Bistable Power relay featuring an energy storage device. Internally these relays are similar to the series 30 bistable relays in that there are 2 coils to perform set and reset of the relay, with the relay state being held my a permanent magnet. Externally it differs in that there is only one coil connection instead of 2, so the relay may be used in place of an ordinary single coil dc contactor in order to conserve power. When a voltage is applied to the coil, the relay closes although once closed it draws no power as it is held by the internal magnet. When the voltage is removed from the coil, energy stored in an internal capacitor is used to pulse the internal reset coil to open the relay. Please note other control circuit combinations are possible.Kissling Brand

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Name Stock No Manf Ref Coil Stock Price
5781244 31.311.12.E 24vdc0 197.62
5781235 31.311.11.E 12vdc0 197.62

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