Durakool DVR20 200A 900Vdc Contactor

Durakool DVR20 200A 900Vdc Contactor Description

A High voltage DC contactor suitable for a variety of uses such as hybrid vehicle isolator switches designed to carry 200A with cables although 500A can be carried dependent on voltage if used with copper busbar. Contactor has coil ecomnomiser circuit to limit current consumption.The standard product has polarity dependant contacts, a higher spec Non polarity dependent version also available. auxiliary contacts are also available.

Contact arrangement       One normally open Polarity and Non Polarity Dependent Models
Contact material          Hermetically sealed, instrinsically safe
Continuous current        200A carry upto 500A possible with busbar 150mm sq, 200 A
                          65mm sq awg 00wire
Rating switching voltage  12 to 900V dc
Auxillary contact rating  2A at 30V dc, 3A at 125V ac
Coil resistance           Economiser circuit
                          9 to 36V dc inrush 3.8A,
                          holding 0.13A at 12V dc
                          32 to 95V dc inrush 1.3A,
                          holding 0.03A at 48V dc
Operate / release time    15ms / 12ms
Mechanical life           1 Million
Electrical life           dependant on switching voltage and current
Dielectric strength       2200V rms
Temperature               -40C to +85C
Approvals                 UL
L = 80.44, W = 65.6, H = 72.3
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Coil Contacts Type Stock Price
7320040 DEVR20-5081-S8-0936-R1 9-36VdcNon PolarityNo auxiliary0 105.84
7320041 DEVR20-5091-S8-0936-R1 9-36VdcNon PolarityAuxilliary Contact0 105.84

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