199 Series 40A , 500Vdc Power relay

199 Series 40A  , 500Vdc Power relay Description

Open frame power relay with DPCO contacts fitted with magnetic blow outs designed to switch upto 500Vdc loads.
magnecraft Schneider electric relays brand.
may be used as a higher rated alternative to P&B PRD11AJO-240

Current rating DC 
with Magnetic blowout
28Vdc 40A
110Vdc 20A
220Vdc 8A
325Vdc 4A
500Vdc 2A

ac ratings 

40A at 330Vac
5A at 480 Vac
maximum 600Vac switched voltage
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Contacts Coil Stock Price
With Magnetic blowout 4901070 199ABX-15 DPCO240Vac29 34.76

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