Battery isolator ADR

Battery isolator ADR Description

A range of electrically operated battery isolators that may be used in aplications calling for ADR and EEX ib II C T6 Ex II 2G compliance. Available in manual or automatic versions. In manual mode vehicle power is connected or disconnected by pressing a momentary pushbutton. In automatic mode in addition to pushbutton operation the vehicle power is disconnected 60 seconds after removing the ignition key.A buzzer also sounds if vehicle battery voltage falls below 20vdc or is above 30Vdc. Both models come in a kit with a shrouded pushbutton and interface cables.Nagares brand.

Continuous current rating  300A
Peak current rating        1500A
Conection                  M10 studs
Ip protection              IP65
Quiescent current drain    100uA
Opertaing voltage          24 and 12vdc models
Atex                       EEx ib II C T6  Ex II 2G
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Stock Price
Battery isolator 4751220 DB3-24 1 175.76*
Unit Price: 25 - 99 = 158.19, 100+ = 149.40
24Vdc Manual operation
Battery isolator 4751223 DB5-24 1 236.37*
Unit Price: 25 - 99 = 212.74, 100+ = 200.92
24Vdc Automatic operation

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