UF3 Series Relay 10A, 3PCO

UF3 Series Relay 10A, 3PCO Description

Universal 3PCO plug in relay with silver nickel contacts for 11 pin bases. Featuring a manual push to test button, mechanical flag indicator and manual override lever, which can be used as a locking lever whilst commissioning.

Contact arrangement         Three pole changeover
Contact material            Silver nickel
Contact rating              10A at 250V ac
Contact load min.           20mA at 10V dc
Min. switching current      50mA at 20V dc
Operate / release time      14ms / 10ms
Nominal coil power          1.2 W dc, 2.2 VA at 50 Hz ac approx.
Mechanical switching life   20 x 106
Insulation voltage          2.5kV ac (coil-contact)
Temperature                 -25°C to +60°C (DC), -25°C to +40°C (AC)
Relays with integral LED indication are also available, please consult sales.
UF3 Series Relay 10A, 3PCO
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Stock Price
1101093 UF3.12VDC1L 12VDC LED0 10.11
1101102 UF3.24VDC1 24VDC74 6.95
1101099 UF3.24VAC1L 24VDC LED0 8.85
1101090 UF3.115VAC1 115VAC1 13.04
1101096 UF3.230VAC1 230VAC4 9.93

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