4 Position Rotary Switch

4 Position Rotary Switch Description

4 position OFF/ON/ON/ON rotary switch suitable for panel mounting. As the switch is turned through the 4 positions each contact closes in sequence and opens in the reverse sequence. Switch knob is engraved with an position arrow. A plug type connector is also available to mate with the 4 position switch.

Rated current          23A at 12VDC, 11.5A at 24VDC
Rated power            280W max.
Contacts               OFF/ON/ON/ON
Material               Self extinguishing thermoplastic
Terminals              6.3mm push-on
Panel cut-out          Ø12mm
Panel thickness        0 - 8mm
Connector dimensions   Ø28mm, 24mm length
4 Position Rotary Switch
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Stock Price
4040131 259000 4 POS SWITCH0 9.53
4040134 259991 CONNECTOR0 1.14