2 & 3 Position Key Switches Side & End Terminals

2 & 3 Position Key Switches Side & End Terminals Description

A range of panel mounted key switches with silver contacts, break before make, and silver plated 4.8mm push-on side or end mounted terminals. Featuring a five disc tumbler in a die cast metal lock body fixed to panel by chrome bezel and locknut. Switch body is manufactured from black self extinguishing glass filled nylon. Switches are supplied with two standard keys or from a random selection of 2000 variants.

Electrical rating       2 A at 250V ac, 10 A at 12V dc
Contacts                Gold plated phosphor-bronze
Mechanical life         50,000 ops
Terminals               Silver plated brass, 4.8mm push-on
Temperature             -20°C to +85°C
Indexing                90°, 40° (Spring return)
Fixing                  Lock nut & chrome bezel
Panel cut-out.mm        19
Depth behind panel.mm   44.9 (side terminals), 41 (end terminals)
Approvals               UL, CSA

NOTES Key trapped versions have the key retained in the 90° clockwise position. 3 position selector versions must have terminals 2 & 3 commoned. Double pole versions must have terminals 2 & 3 commoned externally and terminals 6-7 commoned externally. (1 set per pole).
2 & 3 Position Key Switches Side & End Terminals
2 & 3 Position Key Switches Side & End Terminals
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Key Code Switching Function Positions Key Trapped Spring Return Terminals Stock Price
2192212 P2-3FBA-123 TOK0013 POSITION CENTRE OFF90°-0-90°NONOSIDE0 18.08
2192218 P2-3FBA-147 TOK0013 POSITION SELECTOR90-0-90NONOSIDE0 22.43
2192230 P2-3FBA-206 TOK001DOUBLE POLE C/O0-40°NOYESSIDE0 33.50
2192233 P2-3FBA-209 TOK001DOUBLE POLE C/O0-90°NONOSIDE0 16.49
2192308 P2-3FDA-209 TOK003DOUBLE POLE C/O0-90°NONOSIDE0 19.48

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