M12 Straight Connecting Lead

M12 Straight Connecting Lead Description

A M12 straight connector with 5 metres of cable length available in PVC or PUR material in either a 3 wire, 4 wire or 5 wire version. All connectors have an anti-vibration coupling nut. 80* Brad Harrison brand. BCC balluff brand.

Voltage Rating   300 volt DC
Current Rating   4 amps
IP Rating        IP68
Wire size        0.34mm≈
PVC              General purpose, low cost applications.
PUR              Chemical resistance to cutting and lubricating oils

Note: For use with DC sensors only.
M12 Straight Connecting Lead
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Stock Price
Allen bradley 5106901 889D-F8AC-5 5 WIRE PVC 5 M0 16.00
Allen bradley 5106898 889DF8AB-5 8 WIRE PVC 5 M3 26.11
Allen bradley 5106899 889DF4AC-5 4 WIRE PVC 5 M0 12.11
Brad 2667737 803000E03M050 3 WIRE PVC0 Price on Application
Brad 2667761 804000E03M050 4 WIRE PVC6 Price on Application
Brad 2667788 805000E03M050 5 WIRE PVC0 Price on Application
Brad 2667740 803000P03M050 3 WIRE PUR0 Price on Application
Brad 2667764 804000P03M050 4 WIRE PUR0 Price on Application
Brad 2667791 805000P03M050 5 WIRE PUR0 Price on Application
Balluff 2660157 BCC034C M12 ST 3 WIRE PVC2 9.65
Balluff 2660160 BCC0368 M12 ST 4 WIRE PVC0 9.23
Balluff 2660166 BCC030L M12 ST 3 WIRE PUR0 11.78
Balluff 2660169 BCC032H M12 ST 4 WIRE PUR1 13.45
Balluff 2660172 BCC098C M12 ST 5 WIRE PUR5 16.68

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