Luminescence Sensor 9mm Sensing DC, Teach-in

Luminescence Sensor 9mm Sensing DC, Teach-in Description

A high performance luminescence sensor with teach-in set-up, equipped with its own modern UV source. Signal processing is micro-processor controlled. By pressing a button the sensor distinguishes between fluorescent marking and background. Flashing LED indicates unreliable detection. It features automatically selected light-on/dark-on output function and is PNP/NPN selectable. A dual position, interchangeable lens offers larger sensing ranges up to 30mm, and a 90 rotatable connector gives installation flexibility. It also has an analogue output and is time delay or key lock selectable. Housed in metal it is protected to IP67. Short circuit and reverse polarity protected.

Nominal sensing ranges   9..18mm, (15..30mm with optional lens)
Supply voltage           10-30 volt DC
Analogue output          0-7 volt DC
Rated output current     200 mA
Off state current        80 mA
Temperature              -15°C to + 55°C
Frequency                2k Hz
Sensitivity adjustment   Teach-in
Built in LEDs            Yes (red/function, green/status indicator)
IP Rating                IP67
Body material            Cast zinc
Connection type          M12 connector, 4 wire type
                         (brown/+ve, white/PNP or NPN output
                         grey/analogue output, blue/-ve)

Note: Please order lens separately
Luminescence Sensor 9mm Sensing DC, Teach-in
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2668280 BLTM15US4 PNP/NPN NO/NC0 994.05