W27-3 Description

A robust good all-round sensor available with a timer, mains or dc supply and connection via M12 plug, 6 way connector or cable.

Versions with output delay timer 0.1 s to 10 s
Red light output
Reflex types have polarizing filter for detecting shiny objects
Front lens heating versions available
Sensitivity adjustment
ABS housing
IP67 Rating
100mA PNP output or 3A relay
Reflex light spot 220mm at 10m
Diffuse light spot 25mm at 800mm
Dimensions 24.6mm, 80mm, 53.5mm
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Supply Voltage Output Connection Range mm Stock Price
3801361 WL27-3P2430 REFLEX30VDCPNP NO/NCM12 4 PIN140001 139.20
3801068 WL27-3F2631 REFLEX TIMER30VDCPNP NO/NCM12 4 PIN140000 147.00
superceeded by 3801068 3801067 WL27-P630 REFLEX TIMER30VDCPNP NO/NCM12 4 PIN140002 Price on Application
3801071 WL27-3R2631 REFLEX TIMER24-240VDCRELAY SPDTQ6 6 PIN140001 229.09
3801461 WTB27-3P2411 DIFFUSE BACKGRND30VDCPNPM12 4 PIN100 TO 15001 206.84
3801134 WTB27-3S1511 DIFFUSE BACKGRND24-240VDCRELAY SPDTCABLE100 TO 15001 258.06
3801127 WTB27-3F2611 DIFFUSE BKGRD TEST30VDCPNPM12 4 PIN100 TO 15000 217.33
Superceeded by 3801125 3801124 WT27-2N610 DIFFUSE BKGRD TIMER30VDCNPN6 pin100 TO 15000 Price on Application

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