Sick W100 Series Photoswitch

Sick W100 Series Photoswitch Description

A low cost miniature photoelectric sensor with exceptional sensing range.

Red light output
Reflex types have polarizing filter for detecting shiny objects
Sensitivity adjust by Potentiometer
ABS Plastic housing
IP65 Rating
100mA output
Selectable light or dark switching
Reflex light spot 250mm at 3.5M
Diffuse light spot typ 55mm at 400mm
Dimensions 11mm, 31mm, 20mm
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Supply Voltage Output Connection Range mm Stock Price
3802906 WL100-P4439 REFLEX30VDCPNPM8 4 PIN10 TO 60001 70.42
3802908 WL100-P4429 REFLEX GLASS DET30VDCPNPM8 4 PIN10 TO 30000 83.42
3802910 WT100-P4419 DIFFUSE BACKGROUND30VDCPNPM8 4 PIN4 TO 1201 68.53
3802912 WT100-P4439 DIFFUSE30VDCPNPM8 4 PIN0 TO 9000 65.44
3802914 WS/WE100-P4439 THROUGH BEAM30VDCPNPM8 4 PIN0 TO 150000 94.41

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