Sick W2 Series photoswitch

Sick W2 Series photoswitch Description

An incredible small photoelectric sensor for demanding applications in tight spaces.

Very small size
Red light output
LED signal strength indicator
ABS Plastic housing
IP67 Rating
50mA output
Reflex light spot 10mm at 100mm
Diffuse light spot typ 1mm at 15mm
Dimensions 10mm, 28mm, 17mm
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Supply Voltage Output Connection Range mm Stock Price
3801548 WL2S-F111 REFLEX30VDCPNP DarkCABLE4.5 TO 800 95.38
3801551 WL2S-P111 REFLEX30VDCPNP LightCABLE4.5 TO 800 Price on Application
3801560 WS/WE2S-F113 THROUGH BEAM30VDCPNP DarkCABLE12000 Price on Application

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