Sick WL160 series photoswitches

Sick WL160 series photoswitches Description

A general purpose miniature photoelectric sensor available with horizontal or vertical optics.

Red light output
Reflex types have polarizing filter for detecting shiny objects
Reflex types supplied with P250 reflector (47mm x 47mm rect 2 slots)
Sensitivity adjust by potentiometer
Green LED signal strength indicator
Plastic housing
IP67 Rating
100mA output
Selectable light or dark switching
Light spot 300mm at 3m
Dimensions 11mm, 38mm, 23mm
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Supply Voltage Output Connection Range mm Stock Price
3801046 WL160-E132 REFLEX-HORIZONTAL30VDCNPNCABLE10 TO 65000 142.14
3801301 WL160-F132 REFLEX-HORIZONTAL30VDCPNPCABLE10 TO 65000 142.14
3801298 WL160-F142 REFLEX-VERTICAL30VDCPNPCABLE10 TO 65000 142.14
3801322 WL160-F430 REFLEX-HORIZONTAL30VDCPNPM8 4 PIN10 TO 65000 142.14
3801527 WL160-F440 REFLEX-VERTICAL30VDCPNPM8 4 PIN10 TO 65001 142.14
3801476 WT160-E172 DIFFUSE-HORIZONTAL30VDCNPNCABLE10 TO 10000 142.14
3801479 WT160-F172 DIFFUSE-HORIZONTAL30VDCPNPCABLE10 TO 10000 142.14
3801229 WT160-F420 DIFFUSE-VERTICAL BACKROW30VDCPNP4 TO 6010 TO 10001 142.14
3801049 WL160-N440 DIFFUSE-VERTICAL BACKROW30VDCNPNM8 4 PIN10 TO 10000 Price on Application

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