Level Sensor NR 60 Water, Oils & Fuel

Level Sensor NR 60 Water, Oils & Fuel Description

Capacitive level sensors designed to monitor either water or oils and fuel. Normally closed output switches when uncovered by medium. Connection to switch is made by bayonet connector, please order separately.

Thread size                M14 x 1.5
Output                     NPN, low side switching
Supply voltage             9-36 volt DC
Voltage drop               < 300mA
Rated output               12W (12VDC), 24W (24VDCV)
Off-state current          6 mA approx.
Temperature                -30°C to +125°C
Oscillation                frequency 500 kHz
Response time              7sec (min sensor), 2 (max sensor)
Housing / probe material   Nickel plated brass / ETFE
Max. cable length          300m, not supplied, observe volt drop
IP Rating                  IP67
Level Sensor NR 60 Water, Oils & Fuel
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Stock Price
4100859 NR60-W-DC9-36-M14-MI WATER0 Price on Application
4100865 0Z051Z003010 CONNECTOR0 Price on Application

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