M30 Capacitive

M30 Capacitive Description

A range of M30 capacitive proximity sensors available in flush mounting with 16mm sensing range or non flush with 25mm sensing range. This range feature complementary outputs NO and NC with 4 wire cable or connector.

Sensing range          Flush 16mm, non flush 25mm
Supply voltage         20-250 VAC
Rated output current   500 mA
IP Rating              IP67
Housing material       Plastic
Dimensions             30mm diameter, 79mm flush
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Connection Stock Price
3801638 CM30-25NAP-KW1 TRIAC NO NON FLUSHCABLE0 105.67
3801641 CM30-16BAP-KW1 TRIAC N/O FLUSHCABLE0 100.56