Quadraform 25mm Sensing, DC

Quadraform 25mm Sensing, DC Description

A non flush mounted inductive proximity sensor in a quadraform housing, designed to sense ferrous & non-ferrous metals, including both N/O & N/C outputs in PNP or NPN. The sensor head is adjustable in 5 different positions through 270° for easy adaptation to any application.

Housing size            40mm x 40mm x 73mm (non flush)
Nominal sensing range   25mm (steel), reduced for other metals
Supply voltage          10-55 volt DC
Rated output current    200 mA (transistor)
Off-state current       80 μAmp
Temperature             -25°C to +70°C
Frequency               50 Hz
Built in LEDs          Sensing & supply voltage indication
IP Rating               IP67
Body material           Fibreglass reinforced polyester
Connection type         M12 connector, 4 wire type (brown/+ve, black/NO output, NC output, blue/-ve)
Quadraform 25mm Sensing, DC
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