Quadraform 5mm Sensing, DC

Quadraform 5mm Sensing, DC Description

An inductive proximity sensor in an extra flat rectangular housing designed to sense ferrous & non-ferrous metals, featuring short circuit & reverse polarity protection. This sensor is ideal for automation & handling applications.

Housing size            20 x 32 x 10
Nominal sensing range   5mm (steel), reduced for other metals
Supply voltage          10-50 volt DC
Rated output current    200 mA (transistor)
Temperature             -25°C to +75°C
Frequency               1000 Hz
Built in LED            4 quadrant LED red
IP Rating               IP67
Body material           Nickel plated brass
Connection type         M8 connector, 3 wire type (brown/+ve, black/output, blue/-ve)
Quadraform 5mm Sensing, DC
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1501226 IFFM20P1501/S35L PNP N/O0 53.37