Power Failure Switch 4 Pole

Power Failure Switch 4 Pole Description

Panel mounted undervoltage safety switch with padlock facility, designed to open the switch contacts upon power failure and will prevent equipment from restarting automatically. Switch must be manually reset with supplies restored to continue. Switch is supplied complete with switch body, escutcheon plate and handle.

Coil supply            220-240V at 50Hz
Undervoltage release   70% of nominal voltage
Contact rating         20 Amp
Motor rating AC-23A    7.5kW
Switching voltage      690V
Switch positions       60° to the right of centre OFF
Escutcheon             64 x 64mm
Conforms to            IEC 947-3, VDE 0660 part 107
Power Failure Switch 4 Pole
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8901376 CA10YA203240EG 4 POLE0 48.19