Terminal Covers

Terminal Covers Description

Terminal covers for shrouding one side of the switch on panel and base mounted switch disconnectors. Available in 3 and 4 contact versions.

S0 M160/A12 K2     3 main contacts      20A
K0 M160/3          3 main contacts      25A, 32A
K1 M160/3          3 main contacts      40A, 63A
K2 M160/3          3 main contacts      80A, 100A
S0 M160/A12 K2     4 main contacts      20A
K0 M160/4          4 main contacts      25A, 32A
K1 M160/4          4 main contacts      40A, 63A
K2 M160/4          4 main contacts      80A, 100A
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Switch Rating Stock Price
8901373 S0 M160/A12K2 20A0 3.44
8901091 K0 M160/3 25A, 32A0 1.38
8901109 K1 M160/3 40A, 63A0 1.73
8901127 K2 M160/3 80, 100A0 2.41
8901094 K0 M160/4 25A, 32A0 1.67
8901112 K1 M160/4 40A, 63A0 2.94
8901130 K2 M160/4 80A, 100A0 3.09