M8 Flush standard range

M8 Flush standard range Description

M8 flush mounted inductive proximity sensors from Balluffs Economical Global and standard proximity switch range. Connector of cable connection. Specs for brass with connector.

Housing size            8mm (flush)
Nominal sensing range   1.5mm
Supply voltage          10-30 volt DC
Rated output current    100 mA
Frequency               1000 Hz
IP Rating               IP67
Body material           Nickel plated brass
Connection type         M8 connector, 3 wire type
M8 Flush standard range
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Connection Dim 'L' Housing Range mm Supply Stock Price
2669045 BES-M08MI-PSC15B-S49G PNP N/OM8 3 WIRE59mmBrass1.5mm24Vdc 3 wire0 33.92
2669048 BES-M08MI-NSC15B-S49G NPN N/OM8 3 WIRE59mmBrass1.5mm24Vdc0 33.92
2669051 BES-M08MI-PSC15B-BVO3 PNP N/OCable 3M pvc50mmBrass1.5mm24Vdc 3 wire0 36.30
2667935 BES516-324GE4CPU5 PNP N/OCABLE 5M PVC30.5mmStainless2.0mm24Vdc 3 wire10 33.25
2668001 BES516-343E5DS49 NPN N/OM8 3 WIRE30mmStainless1.5mm24Vdc 3 wire7 Price on Application
2668088 BES516-377GE4CPU5 PNP N/CCABLE 5M PU30.5mmStainless2.0mm24Vdc 3 wire4 62.23
2 wire 2660076 BES516M08MGUSC20BBV02 N/OCABLE 2M PVC40mmStainless2.0mm24Vdc 2 wire0 39.30

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