Fandis Virdis Fan Filter Units

Fandis Virdis Fan Filter Units Description

Flush mounting fan filters ideal for thermal control of switchgear cabinets and electronic systems. Snap-fit mounting into a single square hole without any additional screws. All filter materials are washable and can be changed whilst the fan is operating.Fandis brand, Virdis range.

Voltage (50/60Hz)   230VAC, (115VAC models also available)
Air flow            Outside to inside of the cabinet (reversed air flow filter fans are available, please enquire)
Bearings            Ball
IP Rating           IP54 (IP55 available in FPF15, FPF20)
Housing material    ABS/PC alloy (blend), UL94V-0
Colour              Light Grey RAL7035 now preferred
Filter material     Thermolinked synthetic fibre
Temperature         -10°C to +50°C
Connections         Terminal block with screw terminals

· 400V 3 phase filter fans are also available In FPF20 models
Fandis Virdis Fan Filter Units
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Air Flow Noise Input Panel Cut-out Depth behind panel Stock Price
7801200 FPF08KU230B-110 FILTER FAN23 (m3/h)230Vac10/8W92 X 92MM54MM0 45.48
7801206 FPF12KU230BE-110 FILTER FAN57 (m3/h)230Vac20W125 X 125MM71MM0 61.62
7801413 FPF12KU115BE-110 FILTER FAN57 (m3/h)115Vac20/19W125 X 125MM71MM0 64.67
7801215 FPF13KU230BE-110 FILTER FAN120 (m3/h)230Vac23W177 X 177MM98MM0 93.95
7801297 FPF13KU115BER-110 FILTER FAN110 (m3/h)115Vac23W177 X 177MM98MM0 93.95
7801346 FPF15KU230BE-110 FILTER FAN240 (m3/h)230Vac29W223 x 223MM121MM0 105.56
7801397 FPF15KU230BER-110 FILTER FAN REVERSE240 (m3/h)230Vac29W223 X 223MM121MM0 111.35
7801452 FPF20KU230BE-120 FILTER FAN520 (m3/h)230Vac67/90W291 X 291MM161MM0 178.37
7801401 FPF20KGU230BER-120 FILTER FAN REVERSE660 (m3/h)230Vac114/158W291 X 291MM124MM0 220.42
7801377 FPF20KGU230BE-120 FILTER FAN 660 (m3/h)230Vac114/158W291 X 291MM124MM0 220.42

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