120mm x 38mm Fans AC & DC

120mm x 38mm Fans AC & DC Description

Powerful compact axial fans in an industry standard casing. AC fans are connected either via 2 x 2.8mm push-ons which will also accept a prewired power lead (915mm) or via 250mm wire leads, DC fans connected via wire leads (250mm length).Costech brand.
Note We have added a new super efficient EC Esmeris 230Vac frame fan to the range.The motor is actually run on Dc, however through electronic commutation the supply to the fan is actually 230Vac.The advantage is that the EC frame fan only uses 4 watts compared to 21W for the standard types. This fan is ideal for energy saving replacement of chiller cabinet fans.

Voltage (50/60Hz)        12VDC   24VDC   110VAC   230VAC      230VAC EC Frame
Air Flow (m3 / h)        178     178     167      150         169/176
Power input (watts)      6       7.68    20       23          4
Rated speed (RPM) H model2800    2800    2950     2650        2500 
Noise (dBA)              42.8    42.8    48       43          40/42 
Bearings                 Ball (DC models), Ball or sleeve (AC models)
Casing                   DC (PBT, black), AC (aluminium alloy, black), AC EC fan Plastic UL94v0
Impeller                 Black fibreglass reinforced plastic, UL94V-0
Temperature              DC (-20°C to +70°C), AC (-40°C to +70°C)
Life expectancy (hours)  DC 70,000, AC 40,000 (ball), 30,000 (sleeve)
Power lead               AC 6 amp max. 915mm length
Approvals                UL, CUL, VDE
120mm x 38mm Fans AC & DC
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Bearings Connection Stock Price
7801058 D12B04HWB 12VDCBALL250MM WIRE LEAD0 23.30
7801061 D12B05HWB 24VDCBALL250MM WIRE LEAD0 23.36
7801064 A12B12HTB 110VACBALL2 X 2.8MM PUSH-ONS30 19.14
7801076 A12B12HTS 110VACSLEEVE2 X 2.8MM PUSH-ONS2 15.41
7801070 A12B23HWB 230VACBALL250MM WIRE LEAD10 19.14
Super high speed 7801337 A12B23SWBW00 230VACBALL250MM WIRE LEAD0 19.21
7801073 A12B23HTB 230VACBALL2 X 2.8MM PUSH-ONS3 19.14
Low speed 7801340 A12B23LTBW00 230VACBALL2 X 2.8MM PUSH-ONS1 19.14
EC Frame Fan low energy 7801415 E12B23MWBL00 230VACBall300mm flying leads0 30.53

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