Full Colour Touchscreen HG2A

Full Colour Touchscreen HG2A Description

A panel mounted feature-packed full colour LCD touchscreen designed for use where interaction is required between the operator and the machine or process. The HG2A features 70 touch zones per screen with a fast response time of 300ms, 279KB memory on up to 150 configurable pages. Facility to import any bitmap image, graphics and printing capabilities, and design up to 60 individual alarms. A real time clock offers sophisticated trending capabilities which can accurately track up to 16 channels in a given system. Touchscreen input can be used to change pages on screen, ramp analogue values, toggle digital data, acknowledge alarms, and much more. Available with built-in RS232 or RS485 communications ports. Alarms with internal buzzer and flashing screen. Windows based configuration software. A membrane type protective cover is also available.

Voltage rating      24VDC, ripple factor 10% max
Power consumption   15W max.
Temperature         0 to 55°C
Panel cutout        162.5mm x 126.5mm
IP Rating           IP65
Operating force     1 Newton (102 gram force)
Operating life      1,000,000 touch min.
Colour display      5.5" STN 8-colour LCD
Backlight life      10,000 hrs min.
Graphics            Displays any bitmap image, library of bitmaps
                    included with configuration software.
Memory              64K (BMP files), 215K (data & components)
Operator feedback   Visual & audible feedback of touch input
Approvals           UL listed, CE marked
Note: Communication drivers and interface cables for most major PLC brands (IDEC, Omron, Mitsubishi, Modicon, Koyo, Aromat, GE Fanuc, Keyence and more) are available, please enquire with sales.
Full Colour Touchscreen HG2A
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Stock Price
5502381 HG2A-SS22BF TOUCHSCREEN WITH RS232 PORT0 Price on Application
5502384 HG2A-SS22CF TOUCHSCREEN WITH RS485 PORT0 Price on Application
5502387 HG9Z-ZSS2W PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE (CD-ROM)0 Price on Application
5502390 HD9Z-2D1 PROTECTIVE COVER0 Price on Application

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