MicroSmart FC4A Logic Controller

MicroSmart FC4A Logic Controller Description

The IDEC Microsmart is one of the latest generation of brick size programmable logic controllers (PLC.) The C24R2 model may be expanded with up to 4 expansion modules and accessories such as, a real time clock, external communications adaptor and LCD display module. Programming is via IDECs Windows based ladder logic package, downloaded via RS232 port. For complex installations up to 32 PLCs may be networked together. Connections are made to the PLC via a plug-in screw terminal connectors. Although not shown, the entire range is available in a slim-line version (with IDC connectors) suitable for space saving applications, please enquire with sales for more information. For first time users a starter pack provides a cost effective means of purchasing a FC4A-C16R2 PLC, all required software, leads, adaptors and manual to get started.

Rated power voltage      85 - 264VAC
Dielectric strength      1500VAC between I/O and ground
User program storage     EEPROM
Temperature              0 - 55°C
IP Rating                IP20
Dimensions mm.           H=90, W=80, D=70 (C10R2, C16R2)
                         H=90, W=95, D=70 (C24R2)
Approvals                UL, CE
Inputs specification Digital 20.4V - 28.8VDC, 3.4kohm (impedance) Analogue 0-10VDC, 1megohm (impedance) 4-20mA, 10 ohm (impedance) Internal analogue input 2 built-in user adjustable potentiometers provide 0-10VDC signal Resistance thermometer Pt 100 3-wire type (-100 to 500°C) 5ohm max (impedance) Thermocouple (type) K (0 - 1300°C), J (0 - 1200°C), T (0 - 400°C) 250 ohm max (impedance)
Outputs specification Relay 1 N/O, 2A at 240VAC/30VDC Analogue 0-10VDC, 2 kohm max. (impedance) 4-20mA, 300 ohm max. (impedance) Transistor (sink/source) 300mA per output point, leakage 0.1mA max.
Note: · Accessories can be fitted to all CPUs with the exception of the C10R2 which only has one communication port and therefore cannot accept external adaptors for external communications. · Expansion modules can only be plugged in to the C24R2 model.
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Input Type Outputs Stock Price
CPUs 5502309 FC4A-C10R2 6 DIGITAL (1 INTERNAL POT)4 RELAY0 110.00
CPUs 5502312 FC4A-C16R2 9 DIGITAL (2 INTERNAL POTS)7 RELAY0 163.90
CPUs 5502315 FC4A-C24R2 14 DIGITAL (2 INTERNAL POTS)10 RELAY0 214.50
Expansion Modules(for C24R2 only) 5502318 FC4A-N08B1 8 DIGITAL-0 65.00
Expansion Modules(for C24R2 only) 5502321 FC4A-N16B1 16 DIGITAL-0 95.00
Expansion Modules(for C24R2 only) 5502324 FC4A-M08BR1 4 DIGITAL4 RELAY0 79.00
Expansion Modules(for C24R2 only) 5502327 FC4A-M24BR2 16 DIGITAL8 RELAY0 185.00
Expansion Modules(for C24R2 only) 5502330 FC4A-T08K1 -8 TRANSISTOR SINK (NPN)0 79.00
Expansion Modules(for C24R2 only) 5502333 FC4A-T08S1 -8 TRANSISTOR SOURCE (PNP)0 79.00
Expansion Modules(for C24R2 only) 5502336 FC4A-L03A1 2 ANALOGUE1 ANALOGUE0 219.00
Expansion Modules(for C24R2 only) 5502339 FC4A-L03AP1 1 THERMOCOUPLE/1RES THERM1 ANALOGUE0 249.00

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