Schrack RM Series 16A and 25A, DPCO

Schrack RM Series 16A and 25A, DPCO Description

A flange mounted DPCO relay with a continuous current rating of 25A RM8 series or 16A RM 2/3/7 series at 250Vac. Enclosed in a clear dust cover. Suitable for direct control of squirrel-cage motors, control of water heaters, night storage heaters and electrical appliances. Schrack brand.

Contact arrangement        Double pole changeover
Contact material           Silver cadmium oxide
Contact rating             25A at 250V ac
Operate / release time     15ms / 15ms
Nominal coil power         1.2 W (dc), 2.8VA
Coil resistance ohm        110 (12V ), 475 (24V), 7500 (230V)
Mechanical switching life  10 x 106
Dielectric strength        2.5kV ac (coil-contact)
Temperature                -45°C to + 60° (DC), -45°C to + 40° (AC)
Terminals                  6.3 mm push-on
Approvals                  UL, CSA
Schrack RM Series 16A and 25A, DPCO
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Contacts Stock Price
4952781 RM805012 DPCO-12VDC-0 13.83
4952782 RM805024 DPCO-24VDC-0 16.88
4952783 RM805048 DPCO-48VDC-0 Price on Application
4954400 RM805615 DPCO-115VAC25A0 Price on Application
4952784 RM805730 DPCO-230VAC-45 21.05
4954772 RM205024 DPCO-24VDC16A30 14.56

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