KUP Series, Flange Mounted, 10A, 3PCO

KUP Series, Flange Mounted, 10A, 3PCO Description

A flange mounted general purpose 3PCO enclosed relay with 10A capacity.

Contact arrangement          3 pole changeover
Contact material             Silver cadmium oxide
Contact rating               10A at 240V ac, 10A at 28V dc
Operate / release time       15ms / 10ms
Nominal coil power           1.2 W (dc), 2 VA at 50 Hz ac approx.
Mechanical switching life    105
Dielectric strength          2.2kV ac (coil-contact)
Temperature                  -45®C to + 55®C (ac), -45®C to + 70®C (dc),
Terminals                    4.75mm push-on
Approvals                    UL, CSA
KUP Series, Flange Mounted, 10A, 3PCO
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Stock Price
4952064 KUP14D55-24 3PCO-24VDC0 17.43
4952022 KUP14A55-24 3PCO-24VAC4 18.27
4952028 KUP14A55-48 3PCO-48VAC10 7.72
4952019 KUP14A55-120 3PCO-120VAC0 23.49
4952025 KUP14A55-240 3PCO-240VAC0 19.63

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