Millenium 3 20 I/O Programmable Relay

Millenium 3 20 I/O Programmable Relay Description

The Crouzet Millenium 3 is a programmable relay designed as an alternative to hard wiring items such as timers, clocks and relays, but with programming software far simpler than more complex PLCs. The unit can be programmed by simply drawing your electrical circuit diagram on a computer screen and then downloading the connections into the Millenium. Optional programming also by front of panel keypad.

Key Features
Logic functions - AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR, NOT
Timers - ON delay A / OFF delay C, impulse BW & BH, Pulse generator Li
Pulse Counter up/down
Hours & minutes counter
Analogue input 0-10V, gain adjust, compare, trigger
24hr Time clock
Relay outputs, solid state outputs (with pulse width modulation option)
EEPROM memory module for transferring data from one millenium to another.
Battery back-up of data in the event of a power failure: 10 years
DIN rail or panel mounting

Supply voltage         100-240VAC or 24VDC +20% - 15%
Input voltage          0-10VDC
Input impedance        >10k Ohms (24VDC model)
Input precision         5% (0.5VDC)
Input resolution       8 bit
Relay output voltage   250VAC, 30VDC
Output current rating  8A max, 10mA min. at 5VDC
Status indicator       Yes on LCD screen
Temperature            -5°C to 50°C
Approvals              UL, CE, cUL

Starter Kits (each kit includes)
· A standard Millenium 3 with 12 I/O 24 Vdc (88 970 080) or 12 I/O 230 Vac (88 970 081) · A PC/Millenium 3 USB Cable link · A CD with the programming software
Millenium 3 20 I/O Programmable Relay
Millenium 3 20 I/O Programmable Relay
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Voltage Inputs Outputs Stock Price
20 I/O Models (Standard CD20 Series) 3266402 88 970 051 24VDC128 RELAY0 216.84
20 I/O Models (Standard CD20 Series) 3266405 88 970 053 100-240VAC128 RELAY0 154.06
20 I/O Models (Standard CD20 Series) 3266408 88 970 052 24VDC128 SOLID STATE/4 PWM0 145.84

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