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Contact arrangement       Double pole normally open
Contact material          Silver Nickel
Contact rating n/o        30A at 230 Vac,20A at 28Vdc
Contact rating n/c        3A at 230 Vac,3A at 28Vdc 
Coil power                1.7w at 23 deg C
Dielectric strength       4.0Kv ac coil to contact
Temperature               -40 to +85 deg C 
Mechanical life           5 Million
Dimensions                68.58 x 34.54  x37.97 mm inc terminals
Test Product
Test Product
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Action Bearings Coil Depth Escutcheon Supply Stock Price
Version 1 123 321 1 AAA-----998 10.00
Version 2 456 654 -2 BBB----0 20.00
Version 3 789 987 --3 CCC---0 Price on Application
Version 4 444 555 ---4 DDD--0 Price on Application
Version 5 555 666 ----5 EEE-0 Price on Application
Version 6 666 777 -----SF0 Price on Application

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