Czonka 3 EV200 200A, 900V dc N/O

Czonka 3 EV200 200A, 900V dc N/O Description

A very high performance hermetically sealed relay capable of switching 200A at 900V dc, although 500A is possible with busbar connections and dependent on voltage. This instrinsically safe relay can operate in harsh conditions with no oxidation or contamination of contacts, including long periods of non operation. An externally mounted coil economiser reduces the holding current and widens the operating voltage range. An auxilliary contact is fitted within the unit to monitor the main contact position. Note for waterproof applications ask for version without economiser see our DEVR20.

Contact arrangement       One normally open Polarity Dependent
Contact material          Hermetically sealed, instrinsically safe
Continuous current        200A carry upto 500A possible with busbar 150mm sq, 250 A
                          60mm sq awg 1 wire
Rating switching voltage  12 to 900V dc
Auxillary contact rating  2A at 30V dc, 3A at 125V ac
Coil resistance           Economiser circuit
                          9 to 36V dc inrush 3.8A,
                          holding 0.13A at 12V dc
                          32 to 95V dc inrush 1.3A,
                          holding 0.03A at 48V dc
Operate / release time    15ms / 12ms
Mechanical life           1 Million
Electrical life           dependant on switching voltage and current
Dielectric strength       2200V rms
Temperature               -40C to +85C
Approvals                 UL
L = 80.48, W = 65.6, H = 72.3
Czonka 3 EV200 200A, 900V dc N/O
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Stock Price
5941012 EV200-AAANA 9-36V dc0 Price on Application
5941021 EV200-ADANA 32-95V dc0 173.04
5941003 EV200-HAANA 9-36V dc Aux5 95.00

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