Emergency Stop Switch XA series, 16mm

Emergency Stop Switch XA series, 16mm Description

A new low profile range of emergency stop buttons suitable for 16mm cutouts. The behind the panel depth is only 27.9mm even with 4 n/c contacts. Available with choice of either 29mm or 40mm actuators. Connection is via solder terminals, pcb mounting versions are available. Safe break contacts are designed to open if the contact block becomes detached from operator.

Rated voltage           300Vac
Rated thermal current   3A at 230Vac 2A 30Vdc
Minimum load            1mA at 5Vdc
IP Rating               IP65
Approvals               UL
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Connection, Operator Size, Contacts Stock Price
5502638 XA1E-BV302R SOLDER TERM 29MM 2N/C0 22.14
5502640 XA1E-BV304R SOLDER TERM 29MM 4N/C0 26.91
5502642 XA1E-BV311R SOLDER TERM 29MM 1N/C + 1N/O0 22.88
5502650 XA1E-BV302VR PCB TERM 29MM 2N/C0 22.88
5502644 XA1E-BV402R SOLDER TERM 40MM 2N/C0 26.00

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