Steute Atex Solenoid Interlocks

Steute Atex Solenoid Interlocks Description

The steute EX STM 295 range of atex solenoid safety door interlocks include models with power to release (spring to lock),power to lock , optional manual release in case of power failure in emergency ,side entry actuation all with 2 N/C and 2 N/O safety contacts. Choice of standard, angled or flexible actuator.

Holding force      1000N
Temperature range  -20 to +55Deg C
Case material      Thermoplastic 
Contacts           2N/C+2N/O slow action positive break
Contact rating     3A at 250Vac
Atex               IECEx Ex DEMB IIC T4
                   Ex tD A21 IP64 100C
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Type Type Actuation Stock Price
2441312 Ex STM 295 20/2S-R-FE Spring to Lockmanual release key-0 510.00
2441185 Ex STM 295 20/2S-R Spring to LockNo release key-0 510.00
2441285 Ex STM 295 20/2S-R-90DEG Spring to LockNo release key90 Deg Side entry0 510.00
2441310 Ex STM 295 20/2S-A Power to LockNO release key-0 510.00
actuator 2441288 Ex STM 295-B1 Straight actuator--2 6.20
actuator 2441182 Ex STM 295-B5 Angled actuator--1 8.31
actuator 2441183 Ex STM 295-B6 Flexible actuator--1 36.50
Manual release key 2441186 1182300 M5 Triangular Key--1 8.00

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