Carlo Gavazzi 8 Pin Relay RCP Series

Carlo Gavazzi 8 Pin Relay RCP Series Description

An attractive range of 8 pin fully featured octal relays with flag, test lever and led indication. Carlo Gavazzi /Feme Brand

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Name Stock No Manf Ref No. Poles Voltage Stock Price
7410015 RCP8-002-12Vdc 2PCO12vdc0 5.68
7410016 RCP8-002-115Vac 2PCO115Vac60 6.33
7410017 RCP8-002-230Vac 2PCO230Vac182 6.77
7410018 RCP8-002-24Vac 2PCO24Vac86 5.93
7410019 RCP8-002-24vdc 2PCO24Vdc70 5.68
7410049 RCP8-002-12Vac 2PCO12Vac20 5.93

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