Otax Waterproof Toggle Switches

Otax Waterproof Toggle Switches Description

A modern range of waterproof toggle switches. All switches feature an o ring seal to the panel as well as a silicone sealant to the toggle making them water tight seal.

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Name Stock No Manf Ref No. Poles Switching Function Stock Price
7100010 AWTD15 SingleOn-Off30 8.50
7100011 AWTP15-RS DoubleOn-Off-On367 8.14
7100012 AWTS15 Double(On)-Off-(On)540 7.31
7100013 AWTT15 DoubleOn-Off-(On)36 10.14
7100029 AWTE15 SingleOn-Off-On75 8.50
7100030 AWTN15 DoubleOn-On70 8.61
7100032 AWTR15 DoubleOn-(On)21 7.70
7100009 A4TN15W FourOn-On257 14.45
7100008 A4TK15W FourOn-Off591 14.66
Sealing Boot 7100017 RH002 Boot-87 2.00
Sealing Boot

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