Contura II Complete Switches No Led

Contura II Complete Switches No Led Description

A range of carling technologies Contura II style switches complete with actuator.This presentation is for models without illumination.

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Name Stock No Manf Ref No. Poles Switching Function Rating Connection Texture Sealing Stock Price
9141101 V8B1S00C-AZC00-000 Single(On)-Off-(On)15A 24VDC8 wayHardPanel gasket1 6.79
Interior light legend, no illumination 9141154 v1d1s00c-a9bmc-100-xgb1 SingleOn-Off20A 12Vdc8 wayHardPanel gasket108 5.97
Interior light legend, no illumination
9141098 V8DAS00B-AZC00-000 Single(On)-Off-(On) 20A 12Vdc8 wayHardPanel gasket76 6.89
9141113 VD5AS00B-AZC00-000 DoubleOn-On10A 250VAC8 wayHardPanel gasket14 7.22
Contura II Locking Switch 9141202 V9D1SW0C-AZLAV1 SingleOff-On20A 12Vdc8 wayHardPanel gasket49 7.89
Contura II Locking Switch
Contura II Locking Switch 9141115 VD51SW0C-AZE00-000 DoubleOn-On10A 250VAC8 wayHardPanel gasket72 9.94
Contura II Locking Switch

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