Switch Bodies No Led's

Switch Bodies No Led's Description

A selection of switch bodies onto which switch actuators can be fitted. The models below have No illumination so typically would be used in conjunction with an actuator with No lens. Switching function brackets () indicates momentary/sprung return Sealing All switches are front panel sealed a standard , an additional panel gasket VPS can also be specified.

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Name Stock No Manf Ref No. Poles Switching Function Rating Connection Sealing Stock Price
9141093 V1D1S00B-00000-000 SingleOn-Off 2 position20A 12Vdc8 WayNo panel gasket65 3.79
9141547 V1B2S00B-00000-000 SingleOn-Off 2 position20A 24dc10 WayNo panel gasket123 3.79
9141096 V251S00C-00000-000 Single(On)-Off 2 position10A 230Vac8 WayPanel Gasket57 5.06
9141097 V8B1S00c-00000-000 Single(On)-Off-(On) 3 position15A 24Vdc8 WayPanel Gasket28 5.79
9141099 V8D1S00C-00000-000 Single(On)-Off-(On) 3 position20A 12Vdc8 WayPanel Gasket80 5.79
changeover 9141100 VD5AS00C-00000-000 SingleOn-On 2 position 10A 250Vac8 WayPanel Gasket14 7.02
9141177 VLD1S00C-00000-000 Double(On)-Off-(On) 3 position 20A 12Vdc8 WayPanel Gasket16 8.36
Changeover 9141189 VDD1S00C-00000-000 DoubleOn-On 2 position 20A 12Vdc8 WayPanel Gasket0 7.02

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