Nagares 40A style automotive

Nagares 40A style automotive Description

General purpose aftermarket automotive relays in a variety of configurations. For higher quality and specification relays see P&B or TYCO ranges. Note most automotive cube relays are now standardized on the type B pinout. Type A have the pins in different orientation.Take care when plugging into existing harness.

Contact arrangement    n/o, c/o or 2n/o
Contact materials      silver alloy
Continuous max current n/o contact
                       40A at 12vdc ,20A at 24vdc
                       n/c contact
                       15A at 12vdc, 10a at 24vdc

dual 2n/o relays       2 x 20A at 12vdc  
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Contacts Voltage Type Connection Stock Price
4751121 RLPA/4-12 N/O12VDCBRACKETTYPE A134 1.64
4751127 RLPA/4-24 N/O24VDCBRACKETTYPE A275 1.63
4751001 RLP/4-12 N/O12VDCBRACKET-163 1.63
4751007 RLPS/4-24 N/O24VDCBRACKET-196 1.63
4751025 RLP/52-12 C/O12VDCBRACKET-176 1.84
4751031 RLP/52-24 C/O24VDCBRACKET-68 1.83
4751034 RLPS/52-24 C/O24VDCPLUGIN-234 1.83
DOUBLE CONTACT 4751040 RDPS/2-12 2 X N/O12VDCPLUG IN-95 2.83
4751052 RLPS/4-12R N/O12VDC RESISTORBRACKET-51 1.83
4751151 RLPA/52-24 C/O24VDCBRACKETTYPE A200 1.83
4751109 RLP/52-12D C/O12VDC coil diodeBRACKET-4 2.23

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