Low cost mini relay 40A with bracket

Low cost mini relay 40A with bracket Description

Economic mini automotive relay with slightly lower current ratings than standard VF4/V23134 range, Tyco branded.

Contact arrangement       Single pole changeover
Contact material          Silver tin oxide
Continuous current max    30A(n/c),40A(n/o)
Inrush current max        30A(n/c),90A(n/o)
Brake current             30A(n/c),40A(n/o) at 16vdc
                          Derate by 50% for 24vdc switching
Coil power                1.6w at 23 deg C
Coil resistance           90 ohm (12v),360 ohm (24vdc)
Allowable overdrive       20.2v(12vdc mod),40.5v(24vdc mod)
Temperature               -40 to +125 deg C 
Mechanical life           10 million operations
Dimensions                28x28x25.5mm excluding terminals 
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Stock Price
Relay 4954778 1432791-1 0 3.73
Spco 12Vdc bracket
Relay 4954781 1432797-1 165 2.25
Spco 24Vdc bracket

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