Relay high current 60 to 120A

Relay high current 60 to 120A Description

A low cost high power automotive relay with single pole normally open contacts.Available in 2 current ratings and with 12vdc or 24vdc coils. Mounting via a single bracket . Coil 6.3mm push ons,power via M6 Studs. Nagares RL and RP series.

After market product,no detailed data available.
RL80 and RL180
Current rating continuous maximum 100A 12Vdc model
                                   60A 24Vdc model 
Note: recently derated by manufacturer

RP120 and RP100
Current rating continuous maximum 120A 12Vdc model
                                  100A 24Vdc model
For high rel or high inrush applications recommend V23132 HCR series
or dc contactor contactor
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Current Coil Stock Price
Relay 4751184 RL-80-24 60A24VDC340 10.26
Relay 4751181 RL-180-12 120A12VDC325 10.26
Relay 4751214 RP-120-12 120A12VDC171 12.36
Relay 4751217 RP-100-24 100A24VDC118 12.50

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