TYCO Relay VF4,40/60A

TYCO Relay VF4,40/60A Description

A professional quality single pole changeover plug in automotive cube relay offering superior life compared to some after market products. Normally open contact has enhanced rating. 6.4mm terminals . Available with 12v or 24vdc coils. As used by Ford,Jaguar,BMW. TYCO Potter and Brumfield brand. 4954951 V23134-M52-C642 2 XN/O 12V relay, NO relay can be used to replace Fermec Terex 3522 891 M1/M2

Contact arrangement       Single pole changeover
Contact material          Silver Nickel
Continuous current max    40A(n/c),60A(n/o)
Inrush current max        45A(n/c),120A(n/o)
Brake current             40A(n/c),60A(n/o) at 12vdc
                          Derate by 50% for 24vdc switching
Coil power                1.6w at 23 deg C
Coil resistance           90 ohm (12v),360 ohm (24vdc)
Allowable overdrive       20.2v(12vdc mod),40.5v(24vdc mod)
Temperature               -40 to +125 deg C 
Mechanical life           10 million operations
Dimensions                28x28x25.5mm excluding terminals 
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Voltage Stock Price
Relay 4952475 VF4-15-F11 12VDC63 3.98
Spco 12vdc
Relay 4952481 VF4-15-H11 24VDC0 Price on Application
Spco 24vdc
Relay 4954241 V23134-A0052-X205 -17 4.00
Spco 12vdc coil diode
Pcb relay 4952772 VF4-15-F13 -8 3.41
Spco pcb 12vdc
Relay 4952774 V23134-A52-C643 12VDC7 8.73
Spco 12vdc
Relay 4952775 V23134-A53-C643 24VDC0 9.70
Spco 24vdc
DOUBLE CONTACT 4954941 V23134-M52-C642 12VDC0 3.73
2X N/O 12vdc

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